Bambaló music classes


At Suzukiskóli Sigrúnar we offer music classes for babies, young children and parents. You have to sign up for each and every open lesson you plan to attend. The classes are taught in Icelandic, but they are very friendly and easy to follow along, no matter your level of Icelandic. You can always ask the teacher if you have any questions. 

Please join the Facebook group "Bambaló tónlistartímar hjá Sigrúnu" for updated information. 


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  • In Bambaló we learn fun songs, games and exercises that promote language development, mobility, sense of rhythm and tone of ear.

  • Bambaló is also a great place for parents to spend time with their children, learn something fun that can be done together at home and meet other parents of young children.

  • During the lessons, a parent takes an active part, sits on the floor on a mattress with his child, sings and plays along. The only exception is the closed 4-6 year old classes, then the children have become more independent and sit together in a circle, but parents can observe, sitting inside the classroom or wait outside.

  • The classes are based on the Suzuki's teaching methods and what Sigrún has developed and accumulated over the years with inspiration from the teaching methods of Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze.

  • Each lesson is about 40 minutes. After the lesson, there is time for free play for children and parents to chat. After the Bambaló international classes there is more time, since it's the last class of the day.

  • Bambaló are both closed courses (registration above) and open classes (registration below), which means that you can come whenever suits you, doesn't have to be every week. Payment is made after the lesson, cash and card are accepted. You can buy 5 or 10 lessons at time with discount. Please use the registration form below to register for each class you plan to attend.

  • It is ok to register a child in a group that is not exactly the age group of the child if it is more suitable for various reasons.

  • If there is not enough registration, the class will be canceled.


One class:                 2.500 kr.

5x discount card:     10.000 kr.

10x discount card:   17.000 kr. 

5x closed course:     10.000 kr.


The lessons are taught in Síðumúli 29. If you arrive by car, it is most convenient to park on the parking lot to the left of the house, a little slope down and there is the house. Take the small staircase and go open the door. Then you walk up a few more steps and the door is on the left.

You can also enter through a door in front, then you enter through a door on the right side of the shop fronts and then immediately through another door directly by sight. Then you don't have to walk up any stairs. If you get lost, call me at 692-7408.


Note! Due to limited number of participants for each class, you must register for each class using the registration forms below. Please send an email to at least. the day before if you have registered and need to cancel the class.

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